Awesome Tangled Birthday Invitation
Awesome Tangled Birthday Invitation


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Awesome Tangled Birthday Invitation.


This product is for one Tangled Birthday Party, printable and digital file that will be send to your email after your purchase.

Awesome Tangled Birthday Invitation

Long ago, a drop of liquid sunlight sprouts a magical healing flower. For centuries, Mother Gothel has used the flower to retain her youth, and she is angered when soldiers from a nearby kingdom pluck it to heal their ailing and pregnant queen.

Shortly afterward, the Queen gives birth to Princess Rapunzel, whose golden hair contains the flower’s healing properties. Gothel tries to steal a lock of Rapunzel’s hair to use the magic once again, but discovers that cutting the hair renders it powerless.

She instead abducts Rapunzel and raises her as her own in a secret tower. In order to keep the confined and isolated Rapunzel content, Gothel teaches her to fear the outside world and its people.

Each year, the King and Queen release sky lanterns on Rapunzel’s birthday, hoping for their daughter to see them and return.

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Rapunzel asks to leave the tower and discover the lanterns’ source, but Gothel refuses.

Meanwhile in the kingdom, a thief named Flynn Rider steals Rapunzel’s intended crown from the palace and ditches his partners, the Stabbington brothers, while fleeing. He takes refuge with the crown in Rapunzel’s tower, but Rapunzel knocks him unconscious and hides him in the closet.

Gothel returns, and Rapunzel tries to show Flynn to her to demonstrate her readiness for the “dangerous” outside world. However, Gothel still dismisses her.

Rapunzel sends Gothel away on a three-day journey to acquire paints. With Gothel gone, Rapunzel hides the crown from Flynn and leverages it to persuade him to escort her to see the lanterns for her birthday.

Along the way, Flynn brings Rapunzel to the Snuggly Duckling, a pub filled with menacing thugs, who initially try to capture the wanted Flynn, but Rapunzel charms them instead. Meanwhile, Gothel encounters Maximus, a palace horse determined to capture Flynn.

Recognizing that kingdom guards may be closing in on her hidden tower, she returns there to check on Rapunzel, but she only discovers Flynn’s satchel with the stolen crown and she goes after the pair.


My files aren’t editable by anyone but me. You must send me the info and I will customize it for you and finally send it ready to print. I will send it ready within 24 hrs or less.

A High Quality 300 ppi JPEG Format file edited by me will be send to you via  email.


1. Add item(s) to your cart and complete checkout.

2. Please add this information into your purchases notes or send it via email as soon as possible:

-Size of your invitation (4*6 or 5*7) – Boy/Girl Name. – Age. – Party Date. – Time. – Location. -Party address. – RSVP. -Adittional text.

✿ You’ll receive your high resolution Tangled Birthday Invitation JPEG file to your email used for your purchase (within 24 hrs or less)

✿ You can print it yourself or local photo lab or upload the file to an online print shop. It’s very easy!

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▪▪▪ NOTICE ▪▪▪ ▸ Please note that colors may vary slightly from computer to computer and printer to printer.


▸ This is a digital purchase and no physical product will be mailed ▸ For personal use only!

Print the file as many as you want, or send it digital to your guests.

If you have any questions, please send me an email message or contact me.

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▸ Our printable designs are intended for home printingYou can choose to have your invitations printed at a photo lab without any problems, but there are some photo labs that refuse to print images with copyright protection. If you choose to have them printed at a photo lab and they refuse to print them we will not issue a refund. ▸ When you buy any of our printable designs agrees to recognize these terms and conditions.

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